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Hillside Fellowship Community was started in the summer of 2005 as a small group of friends desiring to re-discover true Christianity. It has been a wonderful and challenging journey that continues to this day! Thankfully, God has graciously taught us His gospel, and shown us many signs and wonders in His Son, Jesus Christ. We are currently enjoying pleasures forevermore at the Father's right hand, rejoicing daily in his Presence!

We are an intentional spiritual community that has committed by His great Grace to one another to live in the Gospel together. We are one beautiful part of His Church, reaching out to our region and the world. We are a joyous communion of saints, in the Spirit of Acts 2:42-47!


Find our most accurate updated schedule of events on Facebook:

Local Committment

Hillside Fellowship Community is based out of the Northside neighborhood of Fort Wayne, with a call to serve our neighbors in His empowering rest.

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