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Currently displayed are the artwork of Deana Harvey, director of the Tree of Life Gallery in Roanoke, Indiana.  


"I Won 3rd place prize for my plein aire painting Oct. 2012, judged by Charlie Shepherd of Ft. Wayne Museum of Art. Charlie Shepherd said, "Your art is very spiritual and mystical" of a landscape piece, oil on canvas. I am virtually unknown except in my own community. I found that the cost for entering contests and fees for such guilds is better off given to the poor. And that is where I'll stand forever probably.  I started painting in high school. I quit for 15 or 20 years because I was working in secular jobs and couldn't do both. But now I have a job where I can paint with my clients. I love it. I love them. I now have so many paintings, I just don't know what to do with them. But it is a privilege to offer some here at the TREE OF LIFE GALLERY, and also for sale at the Firehouse Tea and Coffee Cafe', State St. next to RIB ROOM, in Ft. Wayne, IN. I have also listed paintings on Etsy." - Deana Harvey

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